Language is a Song the Body Sings By Sharmila PK

Language is a Song the Body Sings

Listen, on the inside I am all static and sound.
Scraped knees, capillaries, eyelids the color of a bruise.
See? How language unfurls on the tongue,
Slipping in like wine, soft and sensuous?
We can make anything beautiful, with the right words.

Take my flesh, for instance.
Once it billowed over my body,
Folding and curving, pure endlessness.
Now: nothing.
Now: just empty space where I used to be.
But I can make myself sound beautiful, watch –

Take away the word emaciated, replace it.
Now I am laden with light, now I am willow-thin.
A fever-flash, a diorama, of silhouette and form.
That sounds prettier, doesn’t it?

Pale skin, cold as stars.
Where does it go with nothing left to hold onto?
Answer: it repositions itself over its frame.
Bones can be lovely if you look at them long enough.
They’re the body’s secret, hidden within,
At least until you starve them up the surface.

Grotesque? No.
I prefer the word delicate.
It only becomes a sickness when you call it one.

By Sharmila PK


My name is Sharmila and I am a 24 year old student in Virginia. I am submitting a short collection of four themes, centered around the theme of eating disorders. They are titled as follows: Precious, Language is a Song the Body Sings, Hungry Woman, and Eat. In my free time I also run a personal book review blog on Thank you for your kind consideration!

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  1. It only becomes a sickness when you call it one. Wow! This is an incredible piece! I really really love the interaction aspect of it. I love how it is as if the reader is challenging her, and she is responding by proving something to the reader. This is an incredible piece and i love that perspective on eating disorders.

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